In our ongoing quest to provide the best products for image consultants we do a LOT of research to determine what can help them. We look for good ideas and problem solutions for consultants; Our social media and blog posts frequently reference free resources and tools,  including exciting new tech inventions that consultants can use to further their business growth.  We do this because our mission is to support consultants in their efforts to become successful.

During this research we have discovered a serious issue facing image consultant pro’s – they generally have horrible web sites! Yes, they do. But before you go calling us out for exaggerating this issue try Googling ‘Image Consultants’ yourself and review the websites as we have been doing this past year.

So many consultants drop the ball when delivering a site that promotes their services - we’ve all seen those text heavy sites with fonts so tiny you can barely read them, or text that is too large or out of date/ out of style.  We’ve seen visual images that have nothing to do with image consulting (a high-rise office building?) that take up the entire landing page.  We’ve seen pop-up boxes on the front page asking for your email (I don’t even know you yet and you want my personal details?) and we’ve seen awful video presentations with amateur speaker styles. Why is it that these are the “professionals” who are consulting others on how to look and be professional and yet their public image is really bad?

It is not fully the web-owner/ consultant’s fault; we get that it is hard to have the right combination of marketing, graphic, editorial AND tech skills needed to present a high quality, targeted, thoughtful and beautiful website.  Try putting together a Word Press site, as many consultants do – it’s difficult.  Even the simplest site construction can go horribly wrong, and if you decide to add a few plug-ins to your site, you can really mess up the user experience.

A website should be easy on the eyes, easy to read, require just a few clicks to get THE information needed fast.  All potential clients want is a beautiful place to visit where they can get what they want without having to experience these top ten barriers to getting to YOU:

  • force the reader to read too much – most people have been active on the internet for a while and expect a seamless reading experience with few, but focused, words.
  • make them search your site too much to find how you can help them. More than two clicks to buy and you’ll lose them as a customer.
  • force them to overcome your pop-up message boxes and watch your boring video
  • make them wait and wait and wait for your site to load – too long and the viewer takes off and thinks poorly of your skills in delivering a product!
  • hurt their eyes with your non-web friendly colors, fonts and animations
  • disappoint them when your blogs or “news” hasn’t been updated in over a year
  • make them read all about you, you and you but offer no insight into how you can change their lives for the better
  • lure them into being unwitting victims to your product marketing (coffee cups or mouse pads anyone?) ads, links, photos and more!
  • offer them your myths about image (ten seconds, seven seconds, and even twenty seconds to make a first impression? Nonsense!  Impressions are immediate when the eye lands!
  • give them a design that’s “responsive”, “parallax”, with sliding slides gone crazy etc.!

You are an image consultant, not a tech firm selling a website – do not drive your clients crazy with confusing navigation, graphics, photos and more.

We do get it.  We really do.  Your consulting web-site is your image and it’s your one opportunity to make that important first impression.  This is why we gave this new project, (product), a lot of thought.  We worked with developers with a keen sense of modern style directing them to design website templates that provide consultants with a ready-made FASHION IMAGE and FASHION STORE.  We directed the designs to be compatible for working image consultants, easy to manage and easy for clients to navigate.

Now you can put your best impression front and center.  With our guidance you can customize the fonts, colors, logos and pages of your site, choose which categories of merchandise you want to feature in your web store and choose whether or not to have interactive blogs, collages, and news feeds.

If it is time for your public image to have a makeover we are ready to help you transform your site into a beautiful, seamless, easy to navigate and contemporary one that offers your potential clients a good look at you, how you work and how you can help them.

We want to help you have a gorgeous online image and our main goal is to give you a professional, fashion consulting website worthy of an image consultant’s image!

©All Rights Reserved Gillian Armour, AICI CIP