Are you tired of being told you're not a "real woman" due to your lack of curves? First of all, relax. Breast size and waist-to-hip ratio is far from the deciding factor in femininity. You are a woman because you are a woman. That being said, you probably do want to look sexier and feel better about your body. Here are five reasons to embrace your "boyish" body shape.

Create a visual waist with a waistband.

Create a visual waist with a waistband.

1) You Can Wear Anything You Want

The boyish figure (also known as the rectangle) can pull off more styles than any other body shape. With balanced shoulders and hips, you don't need to draw attention away from any problem areas. While boyish-figured women may not have a well-defined waistline, creating the illusion of one is easy with the help of belts, blazers and A-line skirts. Straight-bodied women are chameleons of fashion, going from sporty to glam without a hitch. 

2) The Androgynous Look is Pretty Cool

The straight body type lends itself to the androgynous style. Some days, you may want to downplay your femininity. It's much easier for boyish figures to pull this off than women with hourglass or pear figures. 

3) You are Probably Athletic

The straight body type is typically the most athletic. Many professional athletes have this streamlined shape, and most of them look fit and phenomenal. Athletes are never derided for their lack of curves, but rather celebrated for their lean, strong, and beautiful physiques. Leaner boyish figures are born to run. Embrace your shape and all that your body can do. 

4) Many Female Celebrities Have Boyish Figures

Some days you wake up wishing you looked like Christina Hendricks or Kim Kardashian, but don't forget that many of Hollywood's most glamorous women have straight, boyish figures. 

Keira Knightly, considered one of the most beautiful women to appear in film, has a famously straight and lanky body shape. Cameron Diaz is a glamorous example of a straight-shaped woman with broader shoulders and thicker muscle tone. Evangeline Lilly has a muscular, straight body, but no one would argue that she's not a beautiful woman. Singer and fashion icon Taylor Swift is about as curve-less as they come, but dresses like an absolute knockout. With so many beautiful women gracing popular culture with their boyish figures, there is absolutely no reason to feel bad about yours. 

No Curves? No Problem!

As latest fashion preferences have tilted toward curvier figures, women with boyish figures may be feeling out in the cold. Bear in mind that figure preference is in constant flux, so your body shape is likely to come back into fashion sooner or later. In the meantime, embrace the figure you were born with. With a straight body, you will rock everything you wear.

Tips for dressing the boyish (rectangle) shape:

Define a waist with fit – belts, sashes, buttons and waistbands draw attention to the mid-torso and visually draw a waistline where there isn’t a definition of one

Don’t wear curved lines such as ruffles, circular prints, rounded design elements – these suit the naturally curved shapes. Your figure is classified as an angled shape and the lines you wear should reflect that- straight lines, square details, angles and asymmetric prints for example can serve to flatter your shape rather than detract and emphasis its lack of curves.

Skintight fit on your torso only enhances the boyishness of your shape – look for styles that will create an angled hourglass (think peplum jackets or Dior wasp waist dresses).

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