Green careers in fashion may seem like a futuristic ideal, but many are available right now. Why not be a green fashionista and support the present and future environment by addressing environmental issues while showing a love for fashion? Here are five basic careers to get any fashion-lover started in the industry of fashion and environmental protection. 1. Designing Comfortable Clothing Using Only Renewable Resources

Green fashion for the masses is the ideal way to both fuel a love of fashion and the environment. Become a fashion designer who utilizes textiles made of traditional renewable materials like organic hemp and cotton, or be innovative and create fashion from milk proteins, bamboo, and even TEA! Creating non-traditional fabrics using proteins to create threads from milk, flax, bamboo, and fermented tea are set to be a huge fashion trend. Bringing renewable textiles to the wearable daily fashion industry is an exciting avenue for any budding fashion designer.

2. Fashion Blogging About Green Fashion

Fashion blogs are a dime a dozen, but real fashion blogs about green fashion are rare. There are many blogs whose niches do cover reviews of renewable organic cotton or hemp fashion textiles, but not many covering alternative fabrics made from milk, tea, bamboo, or flax. There are many green fashion trends not being reviewed for the masses. People with a flair for fashion and writing can build exciting part or full time incomes from reviewing trendy products in many new areas of green fashion.

3. Blogging About Organic and Green Makeup Trends

Organic and green makeup reviews abound on the internet, but which are real and which are hype? Further, which companies are telling the truth and which products work as well, or better than, conventional chemical cosmetics? Investigating the trends, styles, and companies, which make up the relatively new “green fashion” market, can be a fun way to launch a career in chemistry, makeup artistry, or even investigative journalism.

4. Green Fashion Writing

The real money to be made is writing for fashion magazines and green trends magazines. Writing about trends in renewable fashion for major magazines is a fantastic way to launch a career in fashion, design, or journalism. Find or create a columnist position in a local paper or smaller fashion magazine that covers unusual organic and alternative textile materials and fashions and work your way up the fashion writer ladder to huge possibilities in major magazines.

5. Fair Trade Advocate

All of the above jobs tie into a major job application as a fair trade advocate. In addition to designing, testing, and writing about fashion made from renewable textiles comes the big responsibility of being an advocate for the sources of such materials. A fair trade advocate can be a public speaker, blog writer, journalist, lobbyist, business advocate, or legal entity who fights for fair trade principles and renewable sources of green materials. A fair trade advocate also fights for the people and communities who produce such materials, in addition to the people in between who work to get the products from farm to customer.

How to Get Started in Green Fashion

The great thing about working in green fashion is that a person does not need to have advanced degrees or certifications to get started. In fact, great fashion careers have started out as small hobbies of sewing, writing, and testing out products. These hobbies have led to jobs, careers, and even certificates and degrees in the fashion industry. People with a flair for the art of fashion and a passion for using renewable resources should foster these passions and use them as a driving force to break into this ever-growing new niche in the fashion world.