By: Brooklyn Renee In a world where retailers are trying to push parents out of stores so they can prey on the pockets of young teens, parents around the world are questioning how involved they should be in styling their kids. Should they be hovering over the backs of their teenage children as they skim the racks and go in and out of the fitting room? Or should they stay and just wait patiently with their credit cards?

In a recent article by Rebecca Willis in “Intelligent Life” magazine, she explains in many words the relationship between teens, trends, and apparel.

“Tribes and belonging are what teen dressing is largely about. Clothes are instant shorthand, legible from a distance and giving out subtle signals that make adult dressing look straightforward.”

Of course being a teen is a time of expression and experimentation, but parents, with good reason, worry about the message that their teens may give off by their choice of clothing, while also trying to avoid their teens becoming vanity slaves and/ or fashion victims.

“As a parent, you don’t want to encourage your child to be a fashion victim; but neither do you want them cast into the social outer-darkness because their peers mock their clothes. Like so many other aspects of parenting, it involves treading a fine line and not knowing whether you got it right until years later.”

So, is there a right or wrong? Do teens need more space to find their personal style?

As lovers of fashion, we understand the need of expression, experimentation, and personal style, but the love and concern of a parent can go a long way.

What do you think?

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