By Gillian Armour It did bother me for the longest time - seeing the geeks running 'round my neighborhood South of Market. I lived in the tech center of the known universe and saw these tribes of guys (and sometimes the odd girl in there) every lunch hour on their way to the uber trendy trucks de food. They dressed alike, every last one of them. T-shirts, hoodies, jeans and sneakers. Once I saw a pack of them in MATCHING hoodies with YELP logo'd down the chest - I almost yelped! I admit it still bothers me to see the laid back look pervading the streets of my town but lately I have noticed a chorus of writers writing about the phemomenon as well. I am not alone in my botheration! I have also written a book to help these poorly fashion educated young men and women - YOUR IMAGE TALKS. Yes, that is what I titled my book!

You see I am an image consultant. It's my job to help people look better and feel better. Naturally all these men and women are potential clients for me and I pay attention to what they don't wear. The book is a life line for them and offers not just advice but understanding about the situation they are in. I mean, after all, if you were in the pursuit of the next big thing and worked in a darkened cubicle in a traffic swamped area with exhaust fumes permeating your little corner of the world and the coffee maker is on empty most of the time - why, oh why, would you care about looking decent? I understand. I get it. And I am here to tell you that there is one thing that can make you feel better all the time - your looks. If you look good then it's a law of nature that you have to feel good (think peacocks and lions)! Anyway, this is my way of saying - read the book, learn how to present yourself to the world and start to feel better instantly. Hoodies will not do that for you - they have hoods for a reason!

How to Win the Pitch, Presentation or Interview