I own a successful Image Consulting business.  I am often approached by women who want to learn how to honor their passion for fashion, help others look great and start their own image consulting business.  So I did something about it - I made it possible for future stylists and consultants to get into the image consulting industry; I made it affordable and created programs custom tailored to the "new entrepreneur" - success oriented men and women who want their own consulting firm.  I opened  Fashion Image Institute (FII) in San Francisco and now offer in-person professional certification and training courses - Fashion Stylist, Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Bridal Stylist.

In the past two years I have seen a big increase in the number of men and women starting a business of their own.  I think it's because when faced with the prospect of long term unemployment the unemployed are springing into action and creating their own jobs!  New entrepreneurs are recognizing that in order to succeed in this economic climate they need to specialize;  to find a niche. 

For the motivated entrepreneur - FII's professionally developed courses offer students entry into the image consulting industry.  Our entrepreneurial training method makes starting a business as an image consultant, fashion stylist or personal shopper achievable and affordable.  FII's certification programs turn out successful entrepreneurs globally and  FII graduate consultants are working in over 40 countries! 

Students study with us in-person at our campus in San Francisco and get quality hands-on, in-depth training in all aspects of the business of image consulting.  We offer two, three and five day intensive courses in fashion styling, image consulting, personal shopping and bridal styling.  If you like to learn in a group environment and to work through assignments in person, this is a good option for you.  Course curriculum includes marketing, promoting and sustaining your business.  Course cost includes textbooks, materials and business tools.  For information and registration visit: www.gillianarmour.com/events/calendar.php

All campus courses, when completed, offer professional certification and continuing education units.


The focus on personal appearance in popular TV shows (What Not to Wear, How Do I Look?, The Rachel Zoe Project) has elevated the profile of fashion advice professionals and created greater customer demand for this advice.  Our course offerings make entering the image consulting industry easier than ever.  During training we stress that the career niche of the Image Consultant is lucrative AND we show you how to make it so.  And, sure, anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves an Image Consultant or Fashion Stylist, but  it's those who get professionally trained and certified who command the respect of the industry, earn higher fees and establish credibility.  After all - it's your business; be professional!

"I am here to help you achieve your vision and dream. My mission in life is to coach and train women to have a business of their very own.  I've been doing this for years and have a true passion for it.  The books I publish and the courses I offer are created with one goal in mind - to put you to work in a business of your own."

   Gillian Armour, Certified Image Professional


CONTACT:  (415) 230-0015   EMAIL: contact@FashionImageInstitute.com