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Tips for Working Consultants

editors note: We recently asked our working graduates to guest blog. We asked them to share tips and advice for stylists.  This week our guest blogger is Janene Stone, Certified Fashion Stylist, Hong Kong Hi -  if anyone would be interested in working with a contact in Hong Kong - I am Australian and prices of products in Australia are not cheap. Thus, over the years people have whatsapped me with a picture of what they want and I scout around to find that product at a cheaper price. The client pays for the mail [shipping] and my 10% of the cost of the item. It really is an easy fun way to shop. As an example my Mum has not bought her Lancome skincare in Australia for years because I pick it up much cheaper here.

In fact, I half expected name brand items to be cheaper in the U.S. but after a recent trip to San Francisco I returned to Hong Kong with nothing because nothing was cheaper than Hong Kong.
Shopping by whatsapp is convenient and does not include any overheads. In a way I have become somewhat of a resourcer for people who own wedding dress shops and have even been asked to source wetsuits!
PS Whatsapp is a free download which also allows you to phone; it is the only way Asian people communicate.


Online Shopping Versus Personal Shopping A Primer for Personal Shoppers

by Gillian Armour, Certified Elite Personal Shopper

Recently there has been an uptick in students certifying with us as Professional Personal Shoppers. It’s my unscientific opinion that the trend goes hand in hand with the rise in spending online. Women (and men), feeling comfortable with the online experience, are shopping more and more with their digits and devices. The smart ones, recognizing that there are pitfalls, are turning to image consultants BEFORE they make the common shopping mistakes (some discussed below) - hence our enrollment goes up!

I got to thinking about the technology shift in shopping when I was interviewed by a fashion writer for input about the differences between online shopping and the in-person Personal Shopper experience. The following is my take on the trends happening in online shopping and what this means for...

Online Shopping V Personal Shopping by Gillian Armour PDF