Now that the holidays have passed, we need to move on to addressing more closet must-haves. To review, my first three closet must-haves are a full-length mirror, a black suit, and skin care. I hope all of you have added these to your closets. During the holidays, I noticed that I kept reaching for these next three items, again and again, to get me through those long days, so I felt these items needed to be added to our list.

A Smile. A smile is a great item to wear. It lifts your spirits, it lifts other people’s spirits, but most of all, it lifts the corners of your mouth creating a more vibrant appearance. During this busy holiday season, so few people took the time to share their inner beauty with one another through their smile.

Smile when you answer the phone. It will show in your voice. Smile when you are with your family and friends. They will know you are enjoying their company. Smile, even when you don’t feel like it.

Jeans. Jeans are a must-have for every closet. Dressed up or down, you cannot go wrong with a pair of jeans. My jeans are not denim. They are a pair of flat-front black pants. I have a pair hemmed for flats, and one hemmed for heels. My “jeans” are comfortable and washable just like their denim sisters. They allow me the comfort I need, and the ability to dress-up or down as needed. They travel well, and they go with everything! So when shopping for the “perfect” jean remember, not all jeans must be denim.

White Shirt. Here is a shocking surprise! My “white shirt” is a v-neck, white pullover. Why? Well, a buttoned shirt does not fit nor flatter my shape. I happen to be a real woman whose buttons gape on buttoned shirts. So, I found a style that works beautifully with my shape. For those of you who can wear a “white shirt,” consider yourself lucky and flaunt them proudly. For us others that don’t quite fit the mold, find your perfectly styled shirt or top in white and wear it with pride.

So until next time, put on your jeans, white shirt, and smile.

Julia’s Closet