Heads Up Consultants.  I have found a fantastic, inexpensive tool that you can use to collage various sized media with just a few clicks of the mouse.  I am telling you this because for YEARS I sweated through Photoshop to create trend reports for my clients.  One collage in the old days would take me about two hours.  Now there is Microsoft Auto Collage.  I bought it on their site for just $19.95.  The time saved was well worth this minimal investment.  This is an example of a trend collage I just did. I was so thrilled that it took me just a few minutes!  I do hope you get a copy for yourself and discover how easy it is to create professional collages.  You can even email directly from the collage - out goes your artwork to valued clients.  They will appreciate the effort you took to put together a fun product for them.

Visit www.microsoft.com/store and search for Auto Collage 2008.