Here is an excerpted article from my new book "Your Fashion Blog Start Up Guide"

Q: Can I earn money as a fashion blogger?

"The easy answer to this questions is YES. If you are a good writer, have a great point of view and can build an audience, you can earn a substantial living. But, it will take a lot of hard work.

The top ten fashion bloggers in the country (Sartorialist, Hypebeast, Advanced Style, High Snobiety, Refinery29, Man Repeller, The Beauty Department, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Fashionista) have been at it now for many years and have an established audience and built-in advertisers. Don’t expect to achieve that level of success quickly. Creating a blog is a long-term project, but this book will show you the steps to eventually rise to the top and become the cream of the blogging crop.

How much money you can make from your blog depends on how creative you can be in driving traffic to your site. Once you have traffic and a large audience, you can then leverage your statistics toward selling ad space. You can also add affiliate links and get paid each time someone clicks a link on your blog, or you can monetize your content: in other words, charge money for videos, tip sheets, serialized articles and e-books.

Knowing how to “Guerrilla Market” helps you get the word out in creative ways to the audiences you want to reach. In the Forms and Worksheets section, I’ve included 20 Tips for Guerrilla Marketing (an expression meaning “unconventional” and sometimes clandestine) to help you promote your blog. This tip sheet gives you an idea of the ways you can market your writing. The work you do to market and build your audience (or fan base) is never-ending. Just take one look at the turmoil that takes place outside any fashion-week venue. Fashion bloggers are always front and center, doing their best to attract attention and to get a mention in the bigger fashion press.

Bloggers can earn money in a variety of ways, but as with any business, to succeed you will need to work hard. Until you establish yourself as a serious writer, there aren’t a lot of full-time jobs available. Writers typically have a hard time letting go of the independence of their solo career and prefer to remain freelance. You may decide to do the same.

Having said that, I do know there are companies that will hire you to manage and maintain their social media posts, to blog about their products and to manage surveys and polls. These companies do what you want to do, but on a larger scale. If you think that getting experience with a large company will help you build a more successful business, then I challenge you to seek out such companies.....

The options for getting work are many, but I would encourage you to experience working for yourself and enjoying the freedom that comes from having a freelance career and a blog of your own. To guide you, I’ve included a Career Guide in the final chapter of this more when you purchase the book!

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