*An excerpt from our book "Fashion Stylist: Career Fashion, Image and Style Guide”*

If you feel you have ‘it’, do not let others convince you that you don’t have what it takes! Everyone with a passion for something they want to do has got what it takes. There will be people in the fashion industry who may try to discourage your journey - either because they don’t want the competition or because they feel inferior. Had I listened to the doubters, I would not be writing this!

Other skills you will need include enthusiasm, the ability to organize, the ability to work as part of a team, a good eye for color, an innate sense of fashion and style, the ability to reference historical styles, initiative, and an outrageous feel for creativity. Possessing a flair for coordinating fashion items and having a good sense of how to pose models for photos helps enormously. And did I mention enthusiasm?

The best way to become a successful stylist is to absorb your being into any fashion related job you can find - even if pays nothing or very little. The experience of working in and being exposed to the business is what counts. Volunteer for photographers, use your friends for makeovers, color collage an art piece or get a summer internship in a gallery or at a magazine.

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