by Gillian Armour

As image makers we spend a lot of time thinking about crafting our clients images. We want a successful client to look and feel fantastic. We also want her to feel the connection between her image and her spirit. In our training sessions we spend a lot of time talking about the inner world of a client matching her outer appearance and vice versa. It is a special skill set that we learn and master. It is our job to guide our client to presenting an authentic image. One that shows the world who she is with just one glance at her. We strive to make those first few seconds of a first impression matter to those who view her. It is therefore discomforting to discover that there are legions of "image" consultants practicing the opposite of what is truly image crafting.

Glaringly apparent are the mistakes these "consultants" make when dressing their clients in the most inappropriate shapes, styles, lines, proportions, cut, fit etc. possible. For these so-called stylists are not that at all. If they were their clients would know how to dress themselves. Professional stylists and master image makers teach their clients to make the connection between image and spirit - wear the dress, suit, shoes, accessories etc. that look like you, that speak for you, that ARE you. Don't wear a dress that tells us you chose a mistake, you hired an amateur and that you don't know enough about your public image to honor it with correct and appropriate style choices.

Be the first to choose the wisdom of trained and certified consultants (we have a directory right up there on the menu) and then be the first to make the positive impression. Choosing a certified professional who has perfected this art means choosing to be authentic and beautiful AND best dressed.