By Gillian Armour, AICI CIP    

Marketing helps drive your image or style business by bringing in customers and increasing sales. However, certain tasks can occupy too much of your time, leaving other important duties neglected. Fortunately, there are online tools that can assist you in marketing your image business. Here are five recommended tools that I use and that I think are helpful.

FlatLay by Gillian Armour Fashion Stylist Institute

PicCollage (free)

Available as an app for Android or MacOS and available for PC, PicCollage is free to use and used by millions. I use this app to create style stories, capsule wardrobe suggestions, social media posts, shopping directives, budget plans and just about everything else. Users also showcase their designs and offer inspiration for collages, invites, business card design and so much more. It is a very handy tool to have. PicCollage can also be used in creating unique social media posts from your photographic images.

Hootsuite (free)

Hootsuite is a free social media management tool that allows you to create social media posts in advance and schedule them for posting on the most popular platforms. You can save time that you would otherwise have to use posting on each platform. Hootsuite also has several other advantages including ensuring that posts to social media are made and providing analytics about the people who read your posts. This app also provides content from other social media influencers that you can easily share into your feeds.

Canva (about $12 a month)

Create Great Graphics Such as This One for Fashion Stylist Institute

Create Great Graphics Such as This One for Fashion Stylist Institute

Creating great content is one of the more effective ways to attract visitors to your site. However, as the adage goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Canva is a tool that allows you to create social posts, posters, and banners to make your content more attractive. Canva allows you to use photos, shapes, graphs, text, and others to create striking pages that attract visitors and prompt them to stay on your website and learn more about your small business.


MailChimp (free, can be scaled up)

MailChimp is an email marketing tool that allows you to create emails, manage mailing lists, create newsletters, and automate your email marketing efforts. You can reach thousands of customers at the click of a button. MailChimp has many advantages for image consultants including the fact that it has a elegant and chic interfaces, allows you to send emails to the first 2,000 recipients for free, and it also offers detailed analytics to help you plan your email marketing campaigns better.

 Slack (free, can be scaled up)

 Slack is a messaging and collaboration platform that allows you to communicate seamlessly with your clients.  It uses both public and private channels to discuss topics and gain feedback from one or more online clients. Businesses use it in place of email and other communication tools to send messages to clients and individuals instantly. You can also gain access to face to face conversations, file sharing tools, and integration with storage sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive. I find it handy to communicate with my clients this way as it leaves a thread of our communications, allows me to make memos to myself and to keep track of the work I have done with clients and gives me the ability to email one or all.

 In Conclusion

 These tools help make marketing much easier for your business. While they take care of tasks such as emailing and posting on social media, you can concentrate your efforts on other parts of your consultancy. Plus, you may begin to see positive results when you use these handy tools.

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