by Gillian Armour, AICI CIP

There are a number of major holidays coming up and for image consultants it’s time to get busy. Clients need our help with a range of services – from helping with shopping to buying a new dress for the office holiday party to learning new trends.

How can you tap into this holiday business quickly? Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

1)      Promote to your existing clients with holiday discount offers on your services.

2)      Advertise in local holiday gift guides.

3)      Post key holiday related tips to your blogs, newsletters and website.

4)      Set up those trend seminars (Winter Sweater Looks, Boots for Navigating the Snow, Colors of Spring, etc. etc.) and invite your clients to bring a friend – then offer gift cards for a DOLLAR amount. There really is a difference between offering a discount percentage and offering a dollar amount - most clients prefer the dollar amount (even if the cost to you is the same).. It just feels like money in the pocket.

5)      Even though it is not to promote your services it’s always a good idea to send your clients holiday greeting cards.

6)      Send out a challenge to clients – whoever submits the best “Ugly Sweater” photo wins a free whatever (makeover, makeup consult, shopping trip etc.). Remember to post results and photos to your social media sites as they come in!

7)      Offer mini closet edits to pull old clothes for donation to a charity this giving season.

8)      Promote a Holiday Makeup session to your clients (or coordinate a session with your local makeup professional).

9)      Invite your top ten to a holiday shopping spree (or fashion show event) at the local discount store (or mall). You’d be so surprised at how many of your client’s want to shop as a group.

10)   Don’t forget the teens and men of the house either – remind clients that you are here to help with the holiday needs of their family members as well.

Most of all – it’s the season to be happy and spreading the joy of fashion, style and image is an important job.  Get started helping your clients enjoy the season and you’ll find this is one of the best times to grow your consulting business.