This past week FSI had the rare privilege of certifying image, fashion and style consultants from six of the seven continents on Earth – only Antarctica went without a certified consultant – well, I bet we can guess why!! We made company history and for that we are thrilled. We certified a consultant or two in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, South and North America. We could do this because our courses and the content are truly global in nature; our technology tools the most modern and:

One – the need for men and women to look fantastic is universal. In our modern age there is no country NOT impacted by the need to dress up and look sharp (well, except for that lonely Antarctica!) and the human need to clothe is still one of our most basic needs.

Two – potential clients are on the lookout for certified professionals to help them. From student feedback we get we know that clients look for professional consultants who are certified. We offer a free global directory of graduates so clients can do an easy search for a certified pro to help them.

Three – our training portals are entirely translatable which means if you do not speak English you can still take the courses, understand the instructions, learn the material and certify. Our global students do this all the time. We show them how and guide them with translation tools that are easy to put to use.

Four – as an online portal we are always available to help students. We can be reached via IM, chat, text, email, phone and even snail mail. Not only are we always available but we have a super passionate network of instructors and mentors (and a few techs) available at the push of a button in your time zone!

Five – and, if you happen to reside in Antarctica we can certify you too because online consulting and online shopping with clients is easier than ever before – we know, we produce these courses – Facetime Shopping up next!

FSI proudly congratulates grads Courtney (USA), Rachel (USA), June (Australia),Tiffany (USA), Brooke (USA), Kanae (Asia), Carien (Africa), Gladys (Africa), Lydia (Asia), Teresa (Europe), Argelia (South America) and Olga (Europe)