By Gillian Armour Have you, like me, been seriously searching for an online tool that helps you get fast info and images about specific clothing colors and styles? If you have an iPad check out Google Catalog. Find absolutely anything and everything in image format. Google catalog pulls in imagery from digital catalogs spread out across the net. So, if you are looking, say, for pink cargo pants you would key in "pink pants" and up would pop thousands of images. Use these images to point out to clients what you mean when you say "pink cargo." Then, take it one step further and help clients "buy" instantly. Online shopping with clients just got a whole lot faster.

Note: This is a free app for iPad/iTunes. And not to be outdone Android has developed an app called TheFind. Enter any search term for an item of clothing and away you go! There is even a click to "local" which allows you to find the item locally. I played around and found a really fun set of links on TheFind - Popular Items in San Francisco (obviously you can find hot items in your neighborhood easily) and noticed that Victoria's Secret leopard tank was trending.

Other uses for this app: Personal Shoppers save time searching for that item your client must have by 5pm tonight. Do a quick search, click local, visit the store online and order to pick up! Also keep in mind that both Google Catalog and TheFind offer images of just about anything from wigs to dolls to books!!