We get lots of phone calls asking about our job board. But we don't own one and never will. We aren't a job referral company - we are a business training private school. If you are ready to have your own business, one that you run, one that you cannot wait to start, then we are the trainers for you.

We are a private company, built by entrepreneurs with REAL entrepreneurs training you to be successful.  If you are looking for a JOB - this is not the field for you. If you are looking for a BUSINESS then you've come to the right place to kick start.

Having a business of your own in the fashion consulting field brings you into close contact with men, women and teens who need help building their wardrobes, their style, their confidence and their body acceptance. This requires highly specialized training. The kind of training they don't teach you in colleges. The kind of hands-on, personal and intimate service level that only image consultants working in the field have experienced. 

So, don't call us asking for a job - call us asking how you can start to be of service helping men, women and teens and how you can pursue your dream of a self sustaining business of your very own.  We will be happy to get you up and running.