Most of us are familiar with Juicy Couture’s trademark velour tracksuit (think "Juicy" logo splayed on a girls bum). The velour track suit has become such a staple piece in leisure wear and such a strong brand message that many of us visually associate the brand with velour when we hear the name "Juicy Couture". I was therefore pleasantly surprised, and elated, upon reading a recent Women’s Wear Daily article"Fresh Juicy." In the article the writer explains the new direction the lifestyle brand is heading with its new collection. Chief Creative Officer LeAnn Nealz explains Juicy's move toward more sophisticated and sexier looks, while still remaining true to the fun, flirty, and youthful message that we, as consumers, have grown to love. With its new line of sophisticated short dresses, miniskirts, maxi dresses, cardigans, and updated fabrics, Juicy has shown their brand can grow, keep it's sporty flair and still please their core consumer.

When Juicy Couture rose to fame they had a youthful audience, but over the years this young consumer matured, experienced life, and became more sophisticated. The time was right for Juicy Couture to reflect this older customer. I mean, I love the idea of the Velour tracksuit and understand what it means to the brand - but in my opinion it was time for the brand to expand its merchandise. Fashion is forever evolving, but for the past few years Juicy had not.

Will the velour tracksuit ever completely go out of style? I really don’t think so, and it’s good to know that the Juicy girl can wear much more than tracksuits these days. She finally has outfits that complement the everyday aspects of her life: Work, school, and socializing. I recently checked out their store in the Westfield Mall in San Francisco to see what the "new" Juicy had to offer. Check out the photos for a peak at the "Fresh Juicy."

Juicy Couture 2012

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