A few days ago, on a shopping trip for a man client, I dropped in to the uber stylish men’s department at Neiman Marcus. The menswear suit section is a go-to experience when I want to drool over fabric, cut and fit. I love men’s wear, love the fabrications - Windsor check never looked so spectacular as when it is done with purple flourishes! So it was with surprise and awe that I spotted a new silhouette in men’s pants - I thought “this does NOT happen often!” I noticed an Armani catalog on the counter in front of me and as I perused it my eyes alighted on photo’s of models wearing pants with an asymmetric front closure (see picture) and I about fainted. I know men are super choosy about the clothes they wear so I was suspicious if this would work. I called over two of the sales men I usually work with and asked about these pants. Turns out they don’t stock them at Neiman’s “too fashion forward” one of them said. But this is San Francisco, surely the demographics here would justify Neiman’s having a few in stock ? No such luck! But one of the guys did direct me to the Armani store on Post Street. The very next day I walked over there and guess what - three man-nequins in the window were wearing the new style. But I wonder “will they fly?”