How to Embrace It and Build a Confidence Platform

by Gillian Armour

“I don’t have confidence in my product. How do I overcome this feeling?”

I heard this from a young entrepreneur recently. My first reaction was – how can you not have confidence in something that is your creation? And it got me questioning further – is this a newbie entrepreneur issue?  Does this happen when a consultant is taking those first steps toward growing a business? I paused for a moment before answering her to think about my own journey as an entrepreneur. I do recall that when I started I too had thoughts of doubt and insecurity about the business I was creating.

This opportunity to look back over my career enabled me to remember what steps I had taken to get from self-doubt to the point where today I have strong confidence in my product and have built a successful business.

1)      Don’t dwell in what you don’t know (such thoughts as “Gosh, I don’t have a business plan”, or, “I don’t know what to charge, etc.  just bog you down). Go get help. There are so many free agencies set up to help small business owners since they are the lifeblood of all economies.

2)      Don’t dwell in fear – you create the fear and can just as easily destroy it. Replace that negative thinking because it holds you back.

3)      Get rid of the doubt and when it creeps in substitute it with confidence – so instead of holding yourself back, support yourself, cheerlead for YOU and your product.

4)      Keep working on getting rid of doubt, millions of people have trod this path – get going.

5)      Own your business. It’s your baby. Nurture it, nourish it, grow it, baby it and own it. And then tell everyone you meet all about it, about the process, about your product, about you!

6)      Put 1000% into growing it, don’t slack off one bit FOR FIVE YEARS (and if you get to your goal of a profitable, successful business before then – bravo!)

7)      Even in the depths of doubt, when you want to stop and give up, DON’T. This is the big test for the successful entrepreneur. There will come many times when you just don’t want to do it anymore. Weeks when you don’t make any money. Days on end that the voices in your head tell you it’s a failure blah blah blah…. Are you going to pass the test and endure? If you pass you are on your way to success.

8)      There are no set rules for your success. As an entrepreneur how you define success is in your court. If it’s getting one new client a week or two a day it’s all up to you. Celebrate each success as it helps you build that confidence platform.

9)      Make a list of your successes to build your platform bigger, then study that list and add to it daily. Be sure to put at the top of the list “I have confidence in my product”

10)   And if, after at least a full year you still don’t think you have accomplished anything and you still don’t have confidence in your product, then maybe it’s time to get a regular job because you probably don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

This may sound harsh but it’s reality and the nature of owning your own business. Becoming an entrepreneur is not an overnight success story. You know this. So keep going, don’t dwell on what you don’t have and start to attract what you need and want – more confidence.