The Spring 2013 Pantone color trend report is out and what fun it is to read the designers take on color for the season. It's also fun to watch the video from Fashion Week (happening at this moment in New York, go to and to compare the colors on the runway with Pantone's Spring report .

Fashion designers interviewed for the report were asked "Is there a color that compliments all skin tones?" and many of them answered "navy blue" - a number of these designers - well, in my opinion, don't seem to know the impact of color on skintone and gave strange answers. Read more about it by clicking the link above.

For the record - there are almost a dozen colors that are universal and can be worn by both warm and cool skintones - salmon, navy, sky blue, gray to name a few (and NOT orangey red, ice, purple or black. These colors are specific to either warm or cool but not both underlying skin tones).