Here at FSI we relish the change of seasons the fashion industry offers. These changes come to us in the form of trend reports for the coming year. These reports hit our in-box with the speed of light quickly after the close of fashion's Fashion Week. In September '15 the shows were held (as they always are) in New York, Milan, Paris and London. Following fashion week are reports from journalists across the world on the themes and trends that will be impacting the fashion styles consumers will be wearing in the following season - September shows = Spring Summer fashion. 

We compile these reports into video format and release them to our YouTube channel. We also use these trend reports in workshops for students and supply our gradates with this material so they too can educate their clients. Here is a sneak peak at Hair+ Makeup:

2016 Hair+Makeup Trends

Crew cuts, pony tails, fades and braids of wet, dry and greased hair played out on the runways in New York...In makeup trends - heavy eyebrows dominate, natural and makeup free faces (imagine THAT), and the big, bold red lip appealingly presented throughout the Parisian collections." We are in for a me,me,me face in Spring '16, high def makeup for all those close ups and selfies and are moving away from the heavy paint of the contoured style so en vogue in recent seasons. Its a fresh, spring, sunny day, lightly kissed face that shows its beauty and even the "fake natural" look (applying makeup so it looks like you aren't wearing any) is super gone.

More soon!!