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At FSI our tag line is “School Yourself in Style” and we believe that a skilled and knowledgeable consultant makes for a professional one. We empower our students with knowledge whenever we can from wherever we can find it. Our mission statement is:

We are committed to providing basic through advanced professional training and high-quality educational programs both online and at our physical campus in Sacramento (the Capital of California).

We are committed to providing our graduates with the precise materials and tools they will need to grow their independent businesses so that they can achieve their career goals swiftly and confidently.

We are committed to helping each individual craft a powerful and unique personal style and brand.

Therefore we constantly supply them with fashion and trend reports with the end goal being that they, in turn, help their clients to become confident, informed, and fashionable.

This month we are providing trend reports and videos for free to YOU so that you too can transmit this knowledge to your clients AND grow your business in the meantime.

Click the links below to download PDF’s:

London Fashion Week SS2019 by Edited

Milan Fashion Week SS2019 by Edited

Paris Fashion Week SS2019 by Edited

New York Fashion Week SS2019 by Edited

FSI Pantone Trend Report with Codes -SS2019