Editors note: As part of their certification course FSI students are asked to write short essays.  This week Carol Parker Walsh shares her essay with us.

Color is a powerful phenomenon. Color can inspire a mood, increase an appetite, evoke nostalgia, create tranquility, promote trust, move energy, and build the foundation of a wardrobe. These are the things that drew me to learn more about color and color analysis. I want to be a Certified Color Consultant to gain a solid foundational understanding of the use of color in fashion styling and how it can serve as a vehicle for my clients to find their best color.

The impact of finding the right color can be transformational and life changing. It will not only influence how you move and present yourself in the world, it will influence others’ perceptions of you as well.  With an enhanced self-image, clients will gain greater self-confidence and self-esteem. This in turn will help them achieve their desired goals. Color can truly be powerful. In the short time I’ve been in this course I’ve shared what I’ve learned about color and what wearing the right color can do; the reception has been quite positive.

My goal is to incorporate color analysis in my overall Image Consulting practice in order to provide a full and complete service to my clients. I also hope to create seminars on the power and use of color in wardrobe planning for professionals, college graduates, and teens.

Thank you Carol for sharing your words with us! Team FSI