by Gillian Armour

Even if no harm is meant - I have a hard time with being called an apple. Or a pear, a tomato, a strawberry or a banana. When did it become acceptable to define women like this? I am not a fruit or a vegetable! Yes I am a shape, I have a body shape but who made it a rule to define me by something I can find in the grocery section?

You see I am a professional image consultant, trained and certified with years of experience working with men and women on defining their body-shapes. In all my years of training I was never encouraged to call clients I am counseling by a fruit or vegetable term. In our profession we use proper geometric terms – a more respectful and empowering way to describe the human body shape. So a “pear” is actually called a triangle shape and an “apple” shape is defined to our clients as “round.”

Moreover, our male clients are never identified as eggplant, carrot or kiwi etc. Can you imagine the shocked look of a male client if I told him he measured as a tomato?

Please, all you writers and wanna-be consultants out there – pro up and call your client's body by its geometric shape please – square, inverted triangle, triangle, round, hourglass or rectangle. Your readers, clients and listeners will appreciate your show of respect. And I will like it very much!