editors note:  If you are considering a career as a fashion stylist here is lovely motivation from Mponeng Moraba a soon-to-be certified Professional Fashion Stylist. Thank you Mponeng for agreeing to share your lovely essay!

Mponeng Moraba – essay “Why I Want To Be A Fashion Stylist”

I want to be a Fashion Stylist because as a young girl, I admired my mom who was a model. I always played with her make-up and mix and matched her clothes and shoes. I have always been fascinated by the styles of different people, how they look, dress, behave and handle themselves. I work as a Hair and Make-up Stylist, running my own business. The gratification, I get when I see the look of a hairstyle and dramatic change it gives a client, is absolutely priceless. The many clients who recommend me to friends, the many who email back to share their happiness about the new look and all who keep coming back. That is what drives me. That warmth, hugs, smiles and feeling that, " Wow, she looks great!", is amazing. I love to change people and see immediate results. That is why I want to be a Fashion Stylist.

I want to give clients an experience they will never forget and which they can also learn from. There is nothing as fantastic as taking a woman who does not know how to put the right make-up on or do their hair, or someone who has suffered disappointments from previous hairdressers. Nothing is as gratifying as giving that person the best and most professional experience they will ever have. By being 100% on top of things. This is what I will use my fashion styling for, to give full make-overs and be a one-stop shop.

There [are] a lot of women who do not know what to buy, where or how. They often end up with a lot of stuff [that] will never be of use, or looks too tight or worse, looks the same as what they already have in the closet. I want to be that inspiration to them. That they can look good and be confident in themselves. Women have a lot to juggle with, in their everyday lives. There is a career, kids, husband, friends and extra-activities. They do not have the energy or time to go shopping for clothes and actually find those few pieces needed to expand their wardrobe.

I want to be a Fashion Stylist for career-driven moms who want to look good, like me, because I know how hard, complicated and time-consuming it is to find the right pieces. I would describe my own dress style as a bit dramatic. Some of the outfits I put together do not match but still tell a story. I wear a lot of black because of my job, working with hair colors, but will dress up at every chance I get. Thanks to Gillian Armour, I have now learned about lines and what fits to different facial shapes and bodies. I am already putting a lot of this information in my own wardrobe and now my outfits are more harmonious.

I want to be a Fashion Stylist because it is fun and I am a die-hard enthusiast, so this combination is a really good one, in a sense that is is a job I am going to love doing. The colors, textures, fabrics, hues, lines, the story that the whole outfit tells, the fantastic experience the clients get. This is all I am looking forward to. That is why I want to be a FASHION STYLIST..:-)