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Is Sheer the New Shock Factor?

Prompted by an encounter with a naked butt in front of me I am writing to say - DO NOT WEAR BLACK LEGGINGS!  They are not flattering.  The young lady walking in front of me, her hand in her boyfriends hand, looked so young and so lovely with her Kate Middleton brown hair hanging down and her little San Francisco Giants t-shirt.  As my eyes traced her silhouette downward I was stopped in my tracks at what I saw.  On her lower half she was wearing black leggings so shear that I could see her thong underwear (also black) and make out the apple contours of her bum!! I was horrified for her, embarrassed for her - this young couple were on their way to a baseball game and I could just imagine the crowds staring and pointing at her.  And then an even stranger thing happened.  I started to notice day in, day out, all around me, women wearing black leggings (tights maybe?) in some very shocking ways.  Many pairing them with short tops so you could see their behinds.  Some wearing them as shorts.  All of them completely unaware of how bad they looked from behind.  I am not just seeing this shock trend on young girls.  Middle aged women, women with significant body fat, women out of shape. 

Is sheer the new shock factor?  Because if we can see through your tights what are you saying about yourself? I think I hear your saying that you don't understand the rules of dressing and that you lack in basic civility toward others.  So I  guess what I am trying to say is - DON'T WEAR BLACK LEGGINGS that are see-through sheer.  Nobody looks good from behind, half naked, out in public.  Not even Lady Gaga (who probably is responsible for this frightening trend.)