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Why I Want to Be an Image Consultant

by FSI Grad Student Jamilia Wallace - Trinidad & Tobago

(editors note: from time to time we are gifted with an extraordinary essay from a student and feel the need to share)

Image is everything. Whether we believe it or not, the world directly or indirectly judges a person on three basic things every day. Those three things are their appearance, behavior and communication. Therefore I firmly believe if a person is guided in these three areas of their lives they can become successful. Life can be made simple. Inherently it’s my view, once endeavoring upon a particular path, a person should find out the formula for success, work the formula, and in so doing attain success. Image Consultancy is no different, it’s a formula. It’s the formula that allows a person to enhance their appearance, behavior and communication skills for success. Thus I want to use this vehicle to influence people to attain success. It’s the way I live my life. I do not gamble away the things that can produce me the peace, joy and happiness for which my soul contends, rather I implement it.

In today's environment this skill (Image Consultancy) or as I would like to call it, this formula is necessary to guarantee success, as the world is ever changing, global boarders are being lifted and communication is ever more important. There has never in history been such a time like this, when there are so many business meetings, symposium, mergers and international companies originating, and there is no doubt in my mind that the people who will become successful are the people who understand how to communicate themselves to the world. I want to be a part of this interesting move. All I want to do is assist people in becoming successful, in this area of their lives.

I also believe that every human being was created with a high sense of purpose. However, too few people attain that level of success, due to life choices, generational circumstances or unplanned events that just happens. These events alters a person's life significantly and can have an impact on how the world views a particular person, or how they themselves view themselves. I want to help to create and recreate who they are, even when life deals them an unfortunate hand. Hence the reason I believe that people simply need to be endowed with the ability to tell their story to the world and I want to be a part of that process. I want to help them communicate who they are truly are. What's their vision of themselves, what's their vision for their life. What do they want the world to know about them. I can only do this as an Image Consultant. People do have great visions of themselves but sometimes may not really know how to achieve their vision, be it through styling or life goals and I want to be the person they come to for advice and inspiration. I want to influence people's life, their sense of personality and style in a positive way. It’s all about people for me. I want to genuinely help people tell their story to the world.

Another reason I want to become an Image Consultant is because so many people every day have to communicate themselves to the world and they just do not know how to present themselves nor are they cognizant of how they should behave in a particular settings. It’s not that they are not wonderful people, they just may not know how to, and even for the ones who have the idea, they just may want that extra tip that compliments their sense of self. I want to inspire people to tell their story, their vision of themselves to the world (we all have our own world, which usually is a subset of the greater universe. It’s all about story telling. I want to inspire people to become their best self.