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Why Certify as a Bridal Stylist?

I see far too many brides in the wrong style, color and shape of wedding attire.  For instance, I notice they are poorly accessorized, their shoe style doesn't match the dress style, their veil style is inappropriate for their facial shape and their jewelry is the wrong shade for their skin tone.  Other things I have noticed include ill-fitting dresses on plus size brides (even though there are many gorgeous bridal dress choices for the curvier woman) and brides and bridesmaids who's dresses conflict with the wedding theme!

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Bridal Stylists Help Create Memories

To correct what I see as negligence by most bridal consultants or wedding planners - they miss the most basic points about dressing the bride due to lack of knowledge - I created a new career niche and wrote a definitive guide for BRIDAL STYLISTS.  FSI offers a Bridal Stylist certification and on-line e-Course so students around the world can become certified Bridal Stylist professionals.  This course has been a hit since its start because there is a real need for it and because its an excellent way to earn an income.

 Within the bridal consulting industry there are many trained wedding planners, bridal consultants and event organizers who passively engage in the business of the bride’s appearance.  They take their clients shopping without doing a color analysis, body shape measurement and image analysis or style personality test.  They rely on the wedding dress stores to guide the bride.  But guess what?  Even these sales pro's, intent on selling the bride an expensive dress, know little about body shape, body type, small, medium or large frame, low, medium or high contrast coloring etc.  because they too, like the wedding planners, have not been professionally trained.

Unfortunately, many brides waste hours of time looking for the perfect dress because they have not learned the "fashion rules" that apply to their individual shape.  They get even more confused, and waste even more time by taking the incorrect advice of bridal store "stylists".  And, on top of this, family add their advice to the mix often with truly awful results!

Shopping for hours on end without successful results is frustrating and adds to the pressure a bride is under.  Bridal Stylists ease the process of dress shopping.  As a Bridal Stylist it's your job to make the shopping experience effortless and time friendly.

Additionally, as a Certified Bridal Stylist, you can use your knowledge to train bridal consultants, wedding planners, event coordinators and wedding dress sales people and help brides look their absolute beautiful selves on their dream day, a day they will look back on and cherish for the rest of their lives.