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Training the "Good Eye"

At FSI we train our consultants to have a “good eye” and to have an immediate, instinctual recall of a visual subject or object such as an historic dress or a certain body type. In this article we are going to look closely at how one develops a good eye for color.

Preview My New Book

Greetings consultants and students, I am so thrilled to let you know that my new book "How to Do a Color Analysis" is going to press and will be published by April 5th, 2011.  It will be available at on that date.  Here is a teaser excerpt for you from Chapter 3!!

.....Begin your color analysis practice by investing in high quality tools and supplies.  In this chapter I detail the tools you will need, and where to get them.  Have everything ready before you start working with clients.

 Your work space needs to be clean, quiet and private.  You will need natural lighting or natural light fluorescent bulbs if working indoors.  Have all your forms ready for the client and have a clipboard for her to use.  Make sure the room isn't too cold or hot and provide drinks. 

 Make sure that you have set up a private space with natural lighting for the color analysis.  I use a swivel chair and place the client in front of a large mirror.  I work from behind so I can reach the color drapes over her head and under her chin. 

 Be sure to advise your client prior to her session not to wear any makeup and to set her appointment with  you when her colored hair has at least a half inch of grow-out at the roots.  These two key points help you to make a correct analysis.  You'll find a complete list of pre-appointment "to-do's" in the forms section of Chapter 5....