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Nip It – Cover Up Those Intimate Bits

How to Help Your Clients With This Delicate Issue

By Gillian Armour

It’s a dilemma all women face and one that's getting quite a bit of press lately – side boob (that part of the chest, under the arms) exposure and slippage. Because sleeveless dressing is a part of summer dressing and because clothing styles are cut tight to the chest/ underarm area the chances of exposing more flesh than you wish is ever present. That and the visible nipple (headlights) – two issues to talk about today.

As consultants it’s our job to find solutions to the style issues our clients face and, yes, there are solutions for adjusting your intimate bits so that the world doesn’t have to be “exposed” to you and you to it! My vote for best product goes to Hollywood Fashion Secrets. Their Fashion Tape is the stickiest, easiest to use, easiest to clean up tape there is. Use it to hold clothes to skin and cover up side boob that can peek out if your dress is sleeveless. It’s great for front cleavage management as well. Hollywood Fashion tapes comes in strips, as hem tape, as accessory dots (hold that diamond necklace in place) and even in tape gun to “shoot, stick and style.”

For covering up nipples I have found that the silicone sticky pads by Dimrs work well and will hold throughout the day. They can be used repeatedly but will wear out fast if you wear them for exercise. For workouts I would recommend the NuBra seamless adhesive bra since it is anchored between the breasts with a toggle to keep it in place. Not as great a product for nipple coverage is Boob-eez Headlight Concealer Silicone stick-ons. I have found that the thin outer part of the petal will raise up under loose clothing and if you are wearing a silk blouse this ridge is visible. This visual 'oops' only adds to the stress of trying to keep a smooth line under your clothes.

So, before you recommend options to your client try them out. There are so many brands and each one has a slightly different use and style. In my experience and from client feedback I think it’s true that you get what you pay for – the cheaper products don’t hold up as well as pricier ones. Paying a little more for quality is a worthwhile option since it will last longer and give you more uses. Check out our curated store at this link to find products your clients can use. They and their intimate bits will thank you.