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Student Essays We Love

editors note; students are asked to write an essay and sometimes we get one that needs to be shared. Today we share a moving essay by Eimee DeRise, Certified Image Consultant candidate. Why I want to be an Image Consultant

I have always been surrounded by fashion. I can remember as far back as four years old trying to create new fashion ideas by using my grandmother's drapes. I'd prance around the house in my mother's tiara and sang and danced in front of the TV. I could turn a curtain into many different things, from a dress to a formal ball gown. From a long draping scarf to a cape. I would envision the many things I could create for very little or no money. As I got older and began to understand fashion, I realized it was all around me. I had very fashion forward creative aunts and cousins who drew up ideas to recreate the latest fashion trends. I used many sources of inspiration. I watched different shows, admired many celebrities, looked through magazines and continued my creativity with style.

Growing up we had very little money. My mom bought patterns and fabrics and sewed many things, such as curtains and dresses. She was very crafty. I'd sit close, watching the many things she created. Sometimes for us and sometimes for others. In fact, it was from her I learned to sew buttons and hem pants. She even showed me how to use a sewing machine. As a teenager, I experimented with different styles and also found affordable ways to be stylish. The more I watched and saw how creative she was, the more I wanted to learn. I saw how much passion she had and the joy it gave her. When she came up with a new idea, she was in her zone! She truly enjoyed helping others recreate their vision. It was like she was their "Style Therapist!"

That very same passion my mother passed on to me. I use my passion to help others who need a little positive encouragement with their appearance. This is not only my passion, it is my calling. I know this because it is when I am at my best! For me, being an Image Consultant is not only about fashion or finding the latest trends. Nor is it just about reinventing or remixing style. It's about helping others become a better version of themselves, both personally and professionally. It's about helping them turn fashion confusion into confidence. It's about finding creative options and looking for budget friendly trends. Seeing the reaction on someone's face is the most rewarding feeling in the world. Knowing I have helped them find their personal or business style, a smile and a little gratitude, always makes my day. I tell them "you've had the power of style all along, all I do is help you reinvent it!"

Thank you Eimee for sharing your words with all of us!