I have been a stylist for 47 years. I have poured over countless magazines, books, videos, blogs, and websites. I have lived in Japan, Miami, and my current home-town Huntsville, Alabama. My profession as a CPA has taken me to New York, Chicago, D.C., Boston, Fort Lauderdale, and other stylish cities. In visiting and living in these various places, there has been one underlying style I have seen time again – mine. You see, I have been a stylist for me. I know myself better than anyone else. I know my favorite styles, colors, likes and dislikes. I understand every nuance of my body. I have a style that is unique, yet timeless. My style belongs to me. I own it.

In evolving my style over the years, I have created a checklist of 25 items that all stylish women should possess. Perhaps this list is not the customary list found in all the books and magazines that women study in the hopes of finding her style, but it is a list that is fail proof.

Here are the first three items on my list.

A full-length mirror. A full-length mirror is your best friend. It never lies. It does not try to sell you the latest fashion fad. It actually does the opposite. It tells the brutal truth. If you listen to it, you cannot purchase a poor choice for your style. The mirror saves you from yourself. This item will show up time and time again in my checklist.

The “Black Suit.” My black suit is actually a charcoal gray pantsuit. The jacket has a one button closure, and the pants are straight-leg, no pockets, and sit low on my waist. The black suit is a staple that should be in all women’s closet, but it can be defined to the person wearing it. The color need not be black, but the color that looks best on you. The style can range anywhere from a skirt suit with a jacket made for your body, to pants with a cardigan as the jacket. Find the suit that looks best on your body. You know your body. Trust your instinct to choose your best “black suit.”

Skin Care. The one item you wear every day, regardless of your outfit, is your skin. This item should be of the best quality your money can buy. Though you can hide a great deal of your skin under clothing, you can rarely hide the skin on your face. Look at skin care the same as you look at dry cleaning. Maintain the one item worn everyday as you would your favorite item of clothing. Treat it with the upmost care and it will be the classic that rewards you over and over.

I have covered the first three items on my style checklist and look forward to sharing with you my next items.

Until then,

Julia's Closet