It's time to break those old fashion rules, and I am not the only one who feels this way. I have noticed a trend in recent fashion news, one that moves toward the idea of giving up the old fashion rules. You know the ones - Don't wear white after labour day, don't mix and match prints, don't mismatch your navy's (or whites, or blacks or greys), don't wear red if you are a red head and my favorite - don't wear pastels in the Fall season. What does it all mean? Not Flattering

I think what this trend means is that we are at a moment in fashion time where anything and everything goes. These days being fashionable is all about being able to break rules on the road to becoming a style individual. I think women have the urge for a style voice and the only way to be heard (and seen), with all the mass fashion noise surrounding us, is to break all the rules. This does not mean, however, that you should break the rules of flattering your body. What it means is you should have the confidence to wear what you feel like wearing, whenever you feel like wearing it, as long as it suits you and looks good!

The biggest problem that a move away from fashion rules brings is the license to dress poorly. This is not what breaking rules means. IF you find yourself dressing to break rules be sure to do it from the place of curiousity (how will this look if I put it all together?) instead of (who cares what I wear anymore?). You see the difference between the two attitudes? The former implies fashion confidence and the latter fashion disaster. Be confident, break the rules but remember to look great doing it!