By Gillian Armour Trying to distract myself after a long and stessful day I paid a visit to my Dutch friends Viktor and Rolf (online). What a joy to navigate their mansion and then to find myself in the library. There I found fantastic, and free, wall papers to dazzle the imagination. I also discovered I could download them. Such a treat. For Spring 2012 V&R staged a show like no other - they dazzled with pleat curtains (I love their sense of irony) and therefore put a stamp to the biggest trend hitting the runways for Spring 2012 - PLEATS. Now I love a good pleat. There is something about those vertical lines that seem to flatter just about any figure type! Pleated skirts make the legs look longer, narrower and sleeker. A pleated blouse has the effect of knife-ing the air about the wearer. Here is another example of a gorgeous pleated dress from Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi's SS2012 collection.

Maybe this new trend will finally convince us to stop wearing all things ruffled! Can't wait for Spring. Check out our YouTube Spring Summer 2012 videos coming next week. Subscribe if you'd like to be notified!