I quite like Uggs for a few reasons, the first being aesthetics. Uggs come in a variety of shapes, cuts, styles, and colors to fit any outfit and any personality. When it comes to Uggs, you have a lot of fun, unique style choices. Their boots range from ankle to knee height, flats to heels, fuzzy to sleek. There is the traditional style that Uggs are well known for, the Elissa, with variants such as the Lansley and the Over the Knee Bailey Button that are still consumer favorites. Uggs displays fantastic variety with the Edmunton and Belcloud, which lend a look of utility — they look like shoes that can take a beating and still be fashionable! That brings me to my second reason: functionality. I love how warm and waterproof Uggs are, especially up here in rainy Oregon weather. Uggs keep your feet nice and toasty, and most importantly dry, and have the added perk of going with almost any outfit.

Combine these two reasons and you’ll understand why Uggs are so awesome. Some people may say the brand and style are over-hyped, but I think as long as something looks good and feels great on your feet, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t wear them in the summer!

Uggs are a popular fashion staple today, and the Australian brand has grown more popular in the last few years. We all love Ugg boots — they go with just about any outfit, and the Ugg brand has expanded the style, giving the boots a range from calf-high and fur lined, to knee length heels.

But Uggs does more than shoes now, and all their non-shoe items are as great as their ever- popular boots. Ugg Australia now does coats, vests, gloves, handbags, and accessories. All of their new items follow the same motif of their shoe line, giving a great variety of styles. Now it’s easier than ever to coordinate your outfit with a one-stop shop at the Ugg store. They have sequined, fur-lined, and leather scarves, handbags, and gloves to match any and every shoe available. They also have three coats of different cuts and three different vests.

And the handbags! What an amazing collection. Ugg Australia has rolled out its own leather-and-fur take on classic items such as the clutch, doctor bag, and tote. They’ve even made a duffel and briefcase!

Now is the time to peruse these wonderful new items, especially with Christmas right around the corner.