An Image Stylist makes you look good!  She works closely with her clients to style favorite looks, elevate taste levels, and counsel on the elements of fashion image (taste, style, relevance) and the principles of fashion design (proportion, fit, color). In essence an Image Stylist is just that – she styles your image. Her methods are entrenched in the fashion world – not the “executive image” world. She has a passion for fashion and for the creativity involved in fashioning her clients. She is an expert on clothing silhouettes, personal color, editing a closet, clothes shopping and wardrobe management. Her modern take on style includes updating you on what’s in and what’s out. She works closely with a client on grooming style, speaking style and fashion style. She has a broad knowledge of designers, brands, trends, and styles (from couture to street) and probably has a thriving blog all about the OOTD. She has a keen eye for detail, fit, tailoring and construction along with an innate understanding on body image issues, esteem challenges and confidence factors that can be impacted by a positive image.

Think you are ready for this exciting new profession? If you’d like to learn how to certify and earn education credits as an Image Stylist Professional then visit our course catalog and read more here Certify Me.