Guest Blogger Emma Owusu checks in from Ghana Fashion design is an applied art. This particular art is dedicated to clothing and lifestyle. Fashion design is affected by various cultures and social influences within a particular environment and during a particular time. Fashion design by its nature can be said to be dynamic and constantly evolving. Fashion collections are styled after seasons such as summer, winter, autumn, spring and so forth.

It is interesting to note however, that this is not the case in Ghana, West Africa. We basically have two major seasons which are the dry/hot and rainy/cool seasons.

Fashion Design In Ghana

Fashion in Ghana has been around for a while now. Actually our traditional Ghanaian kente cloth has long been in use for making kaba and slit (This is a long skirt and a top sewn with similar material texture and colour). Another popular sewn style for men is the batakali made from woven fabric and styled with various embroidery designs. Initially, varieties in fashion designs were limited. That is to say that the fashion designs for both men and women followed a similar style for both the male and female. The only difference visually observable was a change in the material used in sewing.

The most popular designs for women back then consisted of a top with large sleeves, very loose in the midriff area paired with a long skirt with a slit behind the skirt. The outfit was completed with a scarf in the same material tied on the head. Not many designs were created. Neither was it possible to compare the designs available then to others designs via the internet, fashion shows or other media platforms.

Today, the situation has greatly improved. One reason for the large variety of fashion designs in Ghana has been the change in the cosmopolitan nature of our social environment. Fashion enthusiasts in these cities are more demanding in their preference for trendier outfits that will reflect what is currently in vogue in the world of fashion. This in turn works as a push mechanism garnering fashion designers to up the variety of designs they have to offer their fashion conscious clients.

Furthermore, the media and telecommunication industry especially the internet makes it possible to view different types if designs as well as inspires new ones. This makes it easier for fashion designers to keep abreast with the latest fashion designs and apply these current trends to their designs.

We have fashion shows which are held at different times of the year geared towards showcasing the latest trends in fashion designs within our socio cultural setting. One of the fashion shows we have had this year is the Ghana Fashion and Design Week August 23-25 2012 which showcased different fashion designers featuring their latest designs during the show.

In Ghana, we have fashion designers such as Kofi Ansah, Joyce Ababio, Abby’s Creation and a host of others designers who have made their mark in the fashion industry.