Guest Blogger, and Image Consultant Student, Angelina Burst writes about Fashion Design in Louisiana. Fashion design is about creating an image, a style and persona that defines a person. I have always utilized fashion to reflect my personality. Fashion is a way of relating a person’s feelings and expression of self to the world.

Attending fashion shows, I have always been impressed by the designers ability to create new trends by mixing colors, patterns and textures. These designers are able to cut fabric in such unique ways that once a skirt may have had a strait seam, to the next year have an asymmetric cut. Sleeves on shirt were once worn long for the fall, have later changed to a three quarter sleeve. When designing, they are also aware of the demographic of their client along with environment. In Louisiana, fall weather is approximately in the upper 60’s to mid 70’s making a three quarter sleeve perfect.

Fashion design is the ever-changing ability to recreate a person. Whether, dressing a mom to feel comfortable while at her child’s sporting events or in business attire to obtain a new client. Fashion has to ability to make the first impression that is imperative.

I live in Louisiana and the weather here is hot summers and mild winters. Designers here use very soft light cotton, silk, linen and rayon. In the past few years, New Orleans began a fashion week. Designers here display their work usually in March and October. March will display the Fall/Winter collection and October will display the Spring/Summer collection. The designer is also linked with a makeup artist and local hair stylist to develop a complete look for the runway.

The current styles in Louisiana are bright bold color with a mixture of patterns. An outfit may have stripes and leopard print. Color blocking seems to be very common in ready to wear retail shops such as J Crew and BCBG. Couture designers are releasing the Fall line with beautiful shades of Bordeaux, wine and emerald. Animal fabrics of leather for the fall and synthetic materials to make metallic looks are also on trend.

Fashion is an ever changing and intriguing industry that pushes limits, changes lines and open minds to options that best enhance a person’s beauty. The designer is given the incredible task of making this happen.