by Guest Blogger and Student Leandra Svizzero – Image Consultant, Lugano, Switzerland (in her own words and un-edited)

Fashion design is everything and any kind of behavioral and emotional expression. That is given from the moment is living the society to which we belong and what is happening in the world.

The mood, the environmental situation, economic and cultural causes influence the trends, colors and lines. That in turn, inspires designers, to create their collections based on what they want to tell or complain. These emotions are expressed in many ways, art, architecture, up to the fashion that is nothing more than express what we feel at any given time.

Fashion design is part of my life since my first glances. My mother was a Custom Dressmaker and an exceptionally talented seamstress, and I grew from childhood between the needle and thread. I've always been curious about asking: why this, why that. I usually helped my mom I learned to sew when I was about 15 years. I studied at one School of Fashion in San Paulo and graduated in “Fashion Business”, in my youth I worked for a main and one of the best advertising agencies in Brazil, that is part of a worldwide BBDO network.

In 2003 I lost my mom and then I decided leave my country and go abroad.

I moved to Italy in 2004, and choose to live in Milan because as known one of the capital of fashion, so I follow my greatest passion: the fashion world. Immediately, in 2005 I started to work with DAKS Simpson Group plc in their showroom as sales assistant. I worked all seasons from 2005 until 2007, when I decided to go around and work with other showrooms. In the end of 2007, I started work with a French brand, Marithe+Francois Girbaud where I worked for four years as a sales area manager.

In 2006, studied at the European Institute of Design, in Milan, and certified as Cool Hunter and Fashion Stylist. During my career in Milan, I worked and collaborated with some fashion photographers as Fashion Stylist, dressing up and creating the outfits for the models.

In 2009, my private life leads me to Lugano, Switzerland Italian financial capital. Hence the interest in fashion design, is growing because people who live and attend the place, are upper-middle class and have all possibility to heal and improve their image. This course would enable me, to complete my passion and my experiences with the professionalism and expertise necessary to offer a service of Image Consultants on my territory.

Being able to work in the industry that has given all the choices of my life, being able to perform the job that I love, it would be like a dream come true.

So, what is Fashion Design? My life!