Student shares her love of the boutique style fashion culture in her hometown of Minneapolis.

By: Dana Cameron

One would not consider my beautiful city of Minneapolis , a mecca for the fashion industry, but surprisingly we have a very active and diverse fashion scene. Renowned for its theatres, Minneapolis ranks 2nd for the most theatres per capita in the country, also ranked 3rd for must see cities in the country, right behind New York City and Chicago. I realize the theatre industry is not the fashion industry, but that particular cultural mindset, in my opinion, go hand in hand.

Fashion in Minneapolis is extremely unique, and I believe that comes directly from the diversity within our city. We are home to some of the country’s top companies: General Mills, Pillsbury, 3M, Best Buy and most notably Target. There is money in Minnesota! With money comes socialites, which creates a demand for fashion that caters to their desires. We also have a world renowned creative arts industry. We are home to many famous actors, musicians and artists. The arts community tends to cultivate a very alternative, yet sophisticated fashion presence.

In Minneapolis there are two premier fashion entities – MNfashion and TCfashion. Both host countless fashion shows and events throughout the year. They also produce monthly publications, offered in print and online. Minneapolis is also home to the largest shopping mall in America (2nd largest in the world). The Mall of America is a great place to pick up mass produced clothing. We have every national brand that people have come to know and love. This mall also offers a few higher end outlet stores, for example Nordstrom’s Rack and DSW Shoe Warehouse.

If a person is looking for more boutique style clothing we have over 36+ boutiques within a 45 mile radius. While these boutiques may not be Haute Couture, the owners and their associates take extreme pride in the fashion styles they bring into their shops. These boutique owners are the life of our current fashion industry. It is their passion that ultimately infuses the Twin Cities with an amazingly unique fashion culture and vibe.

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