posted by grad student Giulia-Christina, Fashion Stylist and Blogger

I was drawn to this course because fashion has been a strong determining factor in my moods and self-confidence. While I was always highly invested in fashion, whether it be to learn about it historically or take note on current trends, I was recently confronted with its true significance.

As someone who took a hard hit to her self confidence, I soon realized that my choice of outfit, including my comfort level and satisfaction with the outfit, made an extreme difference in how I view myself and how well or badly my days go.

Of course, fashion cannot always create a good day, but it can create a day in which someone feels empowered and attractive. These two things, empowerment and feeling attractive go a very long way in terms of helping men and women achieve their goals since it gives them the confidence they might need to push harder than ever.

I want to be a Certified Fashion Stylist because I am very aware of how terrible it can feel to wear clothes that make one feel badly about themselves or clothes that do not truly reflect who that person is. In becoming a Certified Fashion Stylist, I would be able to help people, who like myself, may be struggling with self-confidence and body image.

Particularly in this time, when it seems like being a size 0 and 6ft tall is expected of women, I would like to be a source for people to turn to in order to re-gain confidence and love who they are and what they wear.

In this way, being a stylist is far more than choosing clothes off a rack and matching them to a body type, a stylist can really change people's lives and their self-perception.