Angel thrilled us with her pre-grad essay and has given permission to share it with all of you. FSI hopes that if you are considering a career in this field student essays such as this one will inspire you!

Though I am a graduate of Art Studies, after college, I had to work in a corporate office due to financial necessities. Years went by and I was unable to go back into practicing what I learned in the fields of creativity.  Nonetheless, when opportunities arise, I make time to apply my interests at work. I make sure that I not only dress appropriately based on the company's rules but also, fashionable and stylish.  As I age, my body became harder to dress up as I had to hide a lot of imperfections.  I read a lot of articles and learned how to still look stylish despite having big curves.  Other than that, I also enjoy being dolled up for company events.

 But still, as years went by, there was something in me that wasn't fired up enough.  My direction to become a Certified Fashion Stylist coincides with meeting and eventually marrying the love of my life.  One of the things he noticed in me is that I love dressing people up (and that I am good at it), giving them advice on fashion and helping them when shopping for clothes.  I actually enjoy it more over shopping for myself!  More than 10 years in the corporate world and it hit me...  This is what I want to do for the rest of my life...  A very strong fire flamed in me.  It felt like it was a calling.  Forgive my exaggeration, but it is true.  Don't get me wrong, I love working in the hospitality industry, but it was like working as a need but not working for what you want.  My husband, being the supportive man that he is, encouraged me and made me feel that there is no more financial challenges that should stop me from pursuing my dreams.

So here I am taking a step closer back to the field of arts. I envision myself to be a style guide to those who were like me - that timid girl who second-guesses herself when dressing up because she gained weight.  I want to be a stylist not just of celebrities but to women who want to transform themselves.  I want to be a stylist to girls who are crossing over a new chapter of their lives, the way I have been styling my little sister in law...

I want to inspire women to not be afraid of achieving their dream, despite circumstances and despite age...  Thank you FSI for making these dreams possible...  I really learned a lot!

 Love, Angel IG: angel.llanza