Editing a closet full of last centuries clothes is a challenge most consultants relish. It's a chance for us to get to know our clients better and to be of help to them.

It’s just as important to walk your client through the steps of her wardrobe organization and edit as it is to teach her about a variety of style points as you go along.  Crucial to the process of getting her to fall in love with her clothes again is the education surrounding what good clothes are and how they should fit.  Included in these teaching points should be information about fit, fabric, style, construction, tailoring, and taste to name just a few.

About “taste” - we all know we can’t teach taste but we can direct our client toward tasteful clothing choices.  One way to make sure she chooses tastefully is to educate her about the pitfalls of impulse shopping and ‘fast-fashion’ mistakes.  Typically these clothes are the fashion equivalent of ‘empty calories;’ poorly made and embellished with the ‘trim du jour’.  They are not true, sustainable fashion. 

Getting our client to choose classics that she can wear over and over is one big part of the process.  Another important lesson to teach the client is how to supplement her wardrobe seasonally so that she has one or two ‘trendy’ pieces to wear with her classics.  This keeps her looking fashionable, current, and relevant.