Professional training means training you for the image industry as it is today – not how it was ten years ago.  Markets have changed; clients demand specialization.  Don’t rely on trainers with no experience in personal image consulting.  Look for certified experts in the field who can train you and give you answers to the following: If your client asked for a specific type of makeover would you be prepared? Clients may want a couture makeover, milestone makeover, trend overhaul or accessory edit and style.

Are you prepared to give fashion advice, freestyle makeovers or just prepared to discuss fashion trends?

Have you prepared your styling station? Is your style studio ready to accommodate different groups - teen, plus, man, LGBT, religious?

Are your social and etiquette skills up to par and are you ready to interact at an intimate level with clients?

Your consultations will explore details of your client’s personal life story – are you ready?

Can you do style parties or group workshops? And are your speaking and social skills ready?

Can you discuss image trends, styling needs, give compliments and critical feedback?

If you can then you are a professional.  If you can’t then we are here to get you there.