Shoe Fashion Trends SS 2017

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Shoe Trends ss2017.JPG

Shoe Fashion Trends SS 2017


Full data MP4 video includes all major trends by designer (A to Z) from the Spring Summer 2017 shows from New York, Paris, Milan and London. 

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Full data MP4 video, 6:31 minutes, 212 MB, 1440X1080, includes all major trends from the Spring Summer 2017 shows from New York, Paris, Milan and London. Download on purchase, open on your device. FSI curated trend videos are ideal for your seminars and workshops with clients and can be shown over and over again. This is non-scripted but each slide includes text to describe the designer and the trend. Please read digital download policy prior to purchase. 

  • Earn money producing a trend seminar, workshop or event
  • Post on your blog reports 
  • Send to your individual clients and give them scope of the upcoming season trends
  • Review for your own needs and to keep up-to-date on designers and their design trends.
  • Our videos are curated, edited, proofed, produced and packaged for you. We have done the work so you can earn the money.
  • Our sample includes music but your product will not. 
  • You will need basic skills on video embedding in order to use this file. It is an MP4 and suitable for viewing on all computer devices, TV screens and mobile laptops.

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