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Inverted Triangle Body Shape Front and Back View

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Front and Back View

  • Shoulders wider than the hips

  • Body larger above the waist than below

  • Small hips and flat derriere

  • Great legs

  • May have full bust

  • Clothes hanger shoulders

  • May have short legs combined with broad shoulders

  • Sporty/ athletic physique

  • Facial shapes usually with angles (square, triangle, diamond)

 Wear darker colors on top, lighter colors on the bottom. “V” necks elongate the upper body.  If wearing loose clothing that falls from the shoulders, belt at the waist to define a waistline. Gathered skirts and flared hems look great on this body type. 

Wear wide legged trousers to create visual balance below the waist.Use horizontal stripes and patterns.This shape can wear halter tops well.Use accessories and jewelry to visually elongate the torso (scarves, long necklaces, etc.). Define the waist with belts or wrapped sashes.


Hourglass Body Shape Front and Back View

Hourglass Body Shape Front and Back View

  • Waist that is 9” to 13” smaller than the bust and hip measurements        

  • Medium to large bust

  • Waistline is narrower than bust line

  • Hips area as wide as bust line

  • Horizontal figure type versus vertical type (balanced)

  • Has waist definition

  • Has a proportioned body

  • Legs are in proportion, but this body type may also have shorter legs

  • Facial shape also rounded – either oval, long oval or round

An hourglass figure is the ideal body shape.  If client has this shape she can wear many silhouettes and does not need to rely on clothing camouflage tricks to create a flattering figure.  Choose clothes to wear close to the body.  Baggy and shapeless styles do nothing to flatter this look. 

If her body is proportioned then she can wear lower cut waistlines on pants and has more room to play with clothing proportions. If not proportioned i.e.: torso is long or legs short, she will need to watch where to create the waistline in the clothes she wears.

Hourglass shapes by nature are curved and curved body shapes will have curved lines that extend over the body.The facial shape will also be curved.One typically sees oval, long oval, and round shaped faces with hourglass bodies


o  Rounded shape, fullness at midriff

Round Body Type Front and Back View

Round Body Type Front and Back View

o   Smaller shoulders and full neck

o   Shape created by weight gain

o   No waist definition

o   Bust, waist and hips very close in measurements

o   Horizontal body line

o   Legs are in great shape

o   May have short legs combined with broad shoulders

o   Facial shape also curved and rounded

Proportion the top half of the body by wearing shoulder pads.  Choose “V” necklines and vertical design lines (draped scarves, long necklaces, etc).  Floral prints work well as long as they are medium in scale, not tiny and not oversized). 

Create waist definition with visual accents such as seams, darts and lines.  Dark solid colors on the inside, lighter colors on the outside (like a two piece suit with blouse underneath) work best as alternate outfits. 

Wear skirts only if they fall past the knee and with the same color hose and shoes.  Wear bold accessories above the bust-line (pins, chokers, etc.). Avoid wide waistbands, cropped pants and oversized dresses (especially caftans or muumuus).


Triangle Body Shape Front and Back View

Triangle Body Shape Front and Back View

  • Small to medium size frame

  • Narrow or sloping shoulders

  • Hips wider that shoulders and bust line

  • Body larger below the waist than above

  • May have small bust line

  • Large hips/ derriere

  • Full legs, sometimes short legged

  • Facial shapes usually with angles (square, triangle, diamond)

 Balance the upper body by creating visual width - use shoulder pads and lighter colors on top, darker on the bottom.  Wear tops with pleats, epaulets, ruffles, patch pockets.  Wear simple and straight or slightly tapered pants without pleats or gathers at the waist. 

Draw the eye upward with colorful accessories worn around the neckline and shoulder area.Avoid adding visual emphasis to the hip area with long jackets.Choose jackets that are cropped or box style.


Rectangle Body Shape Front and Back View

Rectangle Body Shape Front and Back View

  • Very little or no waist definition

  • Hips and shoulders look balanced

  • Vertical body type (versus horizontal shape of an hourglass)

  • Small to flat derriere

  • Legs are usually long

  • Waist measures 1” to 8” smaller than bust but rectangle maintains

  • Very common figure type as women age or gain weight

  • This body type also known as “square”

  • Facial shapes have sharp and square lines (square, triangle, diamond, heart)

Camouflage goal is to create an hourglass shape; a small waistline. Sure way to do this is to increase the shoulder width at the same time adding width to the hips.  This will create the illusion of a small waist.

 Wear fitted jackets with defined shoulders (pads, lines, seams, etc.). Wear wrap dresses with waist accents to help create the illusion of a waistline. Wear gathers and pleats at the waist. 

Pants should be fitted with a slight flair at the bottom.Jackets with waist defining lines are good.Vertical lines will help elongate the figure.Depending on facial shape, wide necklines are also good.