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Entrepreneurship in Action On Demand Course

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FSI On Demand Courses feature Studio Access to self-quizzes with scored results, personalized study tips, flashcards with definitions and image identification, videos, case studies, projects and activities, timelines, and downloadable files, plus additional book-specific content to help you master concepts.

Upon course purchase and payment approval users are sent a hard cover book along with access codes to their learning portal where they will access instructions, the course, course materials, and curriculum.

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Many design students dream of opening a retail store of their own, but the actual process of starting their own business can be quite daunting.Entrepreneurship in Action: A Retail Store Simulation provides an opportunity to practice all the steps necessary to conceptualize, develop, open, and finally operate a business in the safe and nurturing environment of the classroom.

As they prepare to open their simulated retail business, students learn how to develop a product and product niche, conduct market research, and find funding and a good location for their store. Most important, when they reach the end of the course, they will have written a complete business plan in a format suitable for submission to a bank or other lending institution.

Each module begins with learning objectives and explains a concept, as well as addresses questions that an entrepreneur would need to ask. An assignment follows that directs the students to think creatively to apply the theoretical knowledge previously introduced. The simulation thus pulls together the content as well as the format of a well-conceived business plan.

Course Contents

-- Getting Started 

-- Lesson 1: Choosing a Business and Product line
-- Lesson 2: Finding the Right Location
-- Lesson 3: Funding the Business/Sales Planning
-- Lesson 4: Preparing a Business Resume and Personal Financial Statement
-- Lesson 5: Profit and Loss Plan
-- Lesson 6: Merchandising Your Store
-- Lesson 7: Marketing Plan
-- Lesson 8: Personnel and Sales Management Plan
-- Lesson 9: Visual Merchandising and Store Layout
-- Lesson 10: Capital Spending Plan and Cash Flow Forecast
-- Lesson 11: Financial Documents for Evaluation and Tax Preparation
-- Lesson 12: Pulling It All Together
-- Lesson 13 Managing Your Success

  • Read, highlight and annotate your hard copy

  • Watch videos that bring chapter topics and concepts to life: 2 specially commissioned videos

  • Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions: 14 decks of flashcards

  • Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips: 12 quizzes

  • Practice your skills and enhance your knowledge with activities and resources: 2 downloadable files

Your purchase includes a hard copy book. This will be mailed to you via USPS. Please provide the CORRECT mailing address on your order form. Orders that are returned to us as non-deliverable will not be re-sent. At this time we do NOT ship books outside of the USA.

Whether you are starting a business or developing an ongoing one you will benefit from the knowledge we have made available to you. We’ve also made the study methods convenient and very affordable. Learning is fun, relaxing and inspiring – as only fashion should be!

The course is for your professional development and is organized in a way to be FUN, engaging and interactive.  Source material is university/college level. These are NOT courses for high school level or below. Learners will be tasked with challenging quizzes, essays, case studies, projects and activities.

Upon opening your course, you will see a layout in your portal of the reading/study order, assignments and video lists. You will review each module and progress through the entire course online, at your own pace. Periodically your instructor will check in with you. Watch videos that bring the course topics and information to life

1.       Study smarter with online self-quizzes, get instant grading and ability to re-take for higher scoring

2.       Review study tips for easier learning

3.       Gain access to study (flash) cards of terms, definitions and image/style and fashion identification

4.       Learn the subjects context with comprehensive timelines

5.       Browse index for appendix notes, terminology and more

6.       Learn more with linked resources you can access immediately

7.       Bookmark or highlight eBook text as you read

8.       Participate in online discussions, blogs, forums with other fashion/image and style professionals such as yourself

Included in your course:

·         Access codes and passwords to your study portal

·         365-day access to course and studio learning

·         Self-quizzes with instant scoring

·         Flash cards

·         Study tips

·         Terminology lists

·         Images

·         Videos

·         Case Studies

·         Downloadable files

·         Timelines, maps and illustrations

·         Chat access to your instructor

*Optionally you can rent an eBook copy while in the course.

About The Authors

Rosalie J. Regni is an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jimmie G. Anderson is retired and currently volunteers his time to the Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising at Virginia Commonwealth University.


Watch videos that bring chapter topics and concepts to life

2 specially commissioned videos


Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions

14 decks of flashcards


Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips

12 quizzes

Important information about this course option:

·         This learning option available to USA students only.

Studio study includes a hard cover book and access codes

Contents Specific to This Online Course:

Read, highlight and complete your hard copy (or rent an eBook text file to accompany your learning (extra change).

Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions: 12 decks of flashcards

Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips: 12 quizzes