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In Fashion On Demand Course

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In Fashion offers a concise and colorful overview of the key components of fashion—from its history, movements, and trends—to the materials, producers, and retailers that impact the business on a global level. Fashion students will gain a foundation and language for understanding how the current fashion industry works and explore an array of exciting career opportunities. 

The Experts:

Elaine Stone was Professor Emerita, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), USA, where she taught for more than 25 years.

Sheryl A. Farnan is Professor at Metropolitan Community College, USA, where she teaches merchandising, business and marketing courses.

In the Course

- Includes over 250 color images of current designers, fashion collections, retailers, and more
- Covers digital and social media, updated textile trends and innovations, and current omni-channel practices in retailing
- Emphasizes global aspects of the fashion industry, changing demographics, and the effects of economics and politics on consumer choices

Key Features

Spotlight on Careers profiles the education, background, and career paths of noted fashion industry professionals
Spotlight on Innovators highlights groundbreaking designers and brands—past and present—such as Iris van Herpen and Donna Karan
Spotlight on Business explores key concepts, trends, and exemplary brands in a rapidly changing industry

This bundle includes In Fashion 3rd Edition and In Fashion STUDIO Access Card.


Part I. The Changing World of Fashion
1. The Nature of Fashion
2. The Environment of Fashion
3. The Movement of Fashion
4. The Business of Fashion
Part II. The Primary Level–The Materials of Fashion 
5. Textiles: Fibers and Fabrics
6. Leather and Fur
Part III. The Secondary Level–The Producers of Fashion 
7. Product Development
8. Fashion Apparel: Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, and Teen’s
9. Accessories
Part IV. The Retail Level–The Markets for Fashion
10. Global Sourcing and Merchandising
11. Fashion Retailing
12. So You Want to Be in Fashion?: Fashion Auxiliary Services
Top 100 Fashion Influencers

Whether you are starting a business or developing an ongoing one you will benefit from the knowledge we have made available to you. We’ve also made the study methods convenient and very affordable. Learning is fun, relaxing and inspiring – as only fashion should be!

The course is for your professional development and is organized in a way to be FUN, engaging and interactive.  Source material is university/college level. These are NOT courses for high school level or below. Learners will be tasked with challenging quizzes, essays, case studies, projects and activities.

Upon opening your course, you will see a layout in your portal of the reading/study order, assignments and video lists. You will review each module and progress through the entire course online, at your own pace. Periodically your instructor will check in with you. Watch videos that bring the course topics and information to life

1.       Study smarter with online self-quizzes, get instant grading and ability to re-take for higher scoring

2.       Review study tips for easier learning

3.       Gain access to study (flash) cards of terms, definitions and image/style and fashion identification

4.       Learn the subjects context with comprehensive timelines

5.       Browse index for appendix notes, terminology and more

6.       Learn more with linked resources you can access immediately

7.       Bookmark or highlight eBook text as you read

8.       Participate in online discussions, blogs, forums with other fashion/image and style professionals such as yourself

Included in your course:

·         Access codes and passwords to your study portal

·         365-day access to course and studio learning

·         Self-quizzes with instant scoring

·         Flash cards

·         Study tips

·         Terminology lists

·         Images

·         Videos

·         Case Studies

·         Downloadable files

·         Timelines, maps and illustrations

·         Chat access to your instructor

*Optionally you can rent an eBook copy while in the course.

Included in your FSI student portal:

·         Network opportunities with fashion professionals from around the globe

·         Fashion news RSS feeds in real time – stay updated on all the fashion news as it happens

·         Create your own blog and invite participants

·         Join a forum that is topic specific to your study course

·         FSIShop – exclusive fashion, style and image products for portal students

·         Instructor Chat

·         Calendar of events for further workshops and study options

·         Create your own folders to hold resources such as homework files, articles you want to archive etc.

Awards and Badges

Once you have completed the course successfully you are awarded a digital badge to place on your website (or badge backpack), a customized Certificate of Completion along with an official accounting of your study hours for use in your certification applications. CEU (Continuing Education Units and ILU (International Learning Units) certificates are issued at completion as well.

Contents Specific to This Online Course:

Read, highlight and complete your hard copy (or rent an eBook text file to accompany your learning (extra change).

Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions: 12 decks of flashcards

Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips: 12 quizzes