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Sustainable Fashion On Demand Course

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About the Course

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As issues surrounding sustainability in the fashion industry continue to evolve, the conversation in this collection of essays from leading fashion academics and practitioners has been updated with current concepts and industry practices. Sustainable Fashion: What's Next? A Conversation about Issues, Practices and Possibilities, examines the challenges that designers, product developers, and consumers confront as they create, wear, and recycle clothing and fashion. Organized into three sections, each section focuses on an in-depth exploration of sustainable opportunities that are identified as people, process and the environment.

The Experts

Janet Hethorn is Professor of Art and Design and Dean, College of Communication and Fine Arts, Central Michigan University, US. 
Connie Ulasewicz is Professor at San Francisco State University, US.

In the Course

FSI On Demand Courses feature Studio Access to self-quizzes with scored results, personalized study tips, flashcards with definitions and image identification, videos, case studies, projects and activities, timelines, and downloadable files, plus additional book-specific content to help you master concepts.

Upon course purchase and payment approval users are sent a hard cover copy of their course book and access codes to their learning portal where they will access instructions, the course, course materials, and curriculum.

Key Features

- New sidebars, Ideas in Action, focus on an expansion of real world applications and include interviews, case studies and profiles of professionals
-Best Practices at the end of each section feature new examples of contemporary industry practices including The Filippa K. Story, Sri Lanka: A Model of Sustainable Apparel Industry Initiatives, and Peg and Awl: To make things out of nothing
- End-of-chapter discussion questions raise important issues and implications for future development
- New Lesson 5 on social responsibility emphasizes the conditions of garment workers and human sustainability


Foreword by William McDonough, University of Virginia, US
Section 1: Connecting with People on Sustainable Practices
Lesson 1: The Fashion of Sustainability by Linda Welters, University of Rhode Island, US
Lesson 2: Seeking Responsibility and Innovation in the Sewn Products Industry by Connie Ulasewicz, San Francisco State University, US
Lesson 3: User-Centered Innovation: Design Thinking and Sustainability by Janet Hethorn, University of Delaware, US
Lesson 4: Social Media as a Tool for Social Change by Domenica Peterson, Garment Industry Executive, US
Lesson 5: Issues of Social Responsibility and the Challenges Faced by the Decision Makers and the Decision Doers by Connie Ulasewicz, San Francisco State University, US
Best Practices: The Filippa K Story
Section II: Production and Economic Processes in the Global Economy
Lesson 6: Mixing Metaphors in the Fiber, Textile, and Apparel Complex: Moving Forward by Susan Kaiser, University of California, Davis, US
Lesson 7: Economy of Scale: A Global Context by Paul Gill, Garment Industry Executive, US
Lesson 8: Zero Waste Fashion Design by Timo Rissanen, Parsons The New School for Design, US
Lesson 9: Economic Impact of Textile and Clothing Recycling by Jana Hawley, Kansas State University, US
Lesson 10: Technology and Sustainable Futures by Lucy Dunne, University of Minnesota, US
Best Practices: Sri Lanka: A Model of Sustainable Apparel Industry Initiatives by Suzanne Loker, Cornell University, US
Section III: The Environment, the Planet and the Materials Used in Fashion Making
Lesson 11: Treatise for Fashion Sustainable Thinking by Van Dyk Manasseh Lewis, Cornell University, US
Lesson 12: Designing for the Circular Economy: Cradle to Cradle Design® by Annie McCourt, Textile & Apparel Associate, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute and Lewis Perkins, Senior VP, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
Lesson 13: Fibers: Exploring Healthy and Clean Fiber by Gail Baugh, San Francisco State University and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, US
Lesson 14: Sustainable Sourcing by Shona Barton Quinn, Fashion Institute of Technology, US
Lesson 15: Challenges and Propositions: Alternate approaches to design and engagement by Helene Day-Fraser, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, CAN
Best Practices: Peg and Awl: To make things out of other things

Whether you are starting a business or developing an ongoing one you will benefit from the knowledge we have made available to you. We’ve also made the study methods convenient and very affordable. Learning is fun, relaxing and inspiring – as only fashion should be!

The course is for your professional development and is organized in a way to be FUN, engaging and interactive.  Source material is university/college level. These are NOT courses for high school level or below. Learners will be tasked with challenging quizzes, essays, case studies, projects and activities.

Upon opening your course, you will see a layout in your portal of the reading/study order, assignments and video lists. You will review each module and progress through the entire course online, at your own pace. Periodically your instructor will check in with you. Watch videos that bring the course topics and information to life

1.       Study smarter with online self-quizzes, get instant grading and ability to re-take for higher scoring

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5.       Browse index for appendix notes, terminology and more

6.       Learn more with linked resources you can access immediately

7.       Bookmark or highlight eBook text as you read

8.       Participate in online discussions, blogs, forums with other fashion/image and style professionals such as yourself

Included in your course:

·         Access codes and passwords to your study portal

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Important information about this course option:

·         This learning option available to USA students only.

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Contents Specific to This Online Course:

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